Extended Interval COF6607


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  • Warner# WPH2876
  • Application: Hyundai, Kia (1994-10), Infiniti, Nissan (1995-16) Mazda (1990-08, 2011-16), Subaru (2004-15) (Mazda B6Y1-14-302; Subaru 15208-KA010)  

-Specifically developed to complement and improve the overall benefits of modern synthetic motor oils.

-Engineered to filer 99% of contaminants at 20 microns (ISO 4548-12 Multipass), providing longer engine life

-Superior, full synthetic media designed for severe driving conditions

-Exceptional contaminant holding capacity, trapping more than conventional filters

-Designed for discerning vehicle owner with superior engine protection in mind.



  • Warner# WPH2876 WPH2869
  • Application: HONDA 00-16 NISSAN 95-16
  • Fram# PH6607 PH7317
  • Mighty# M4612 M4615 M4460
  • Mobil# MO4612 MO4460
  • Napa# 1356 1365
  • Pennzoil# PZ37 PZ182
  • Performax# PO37 PO182
  • Purolator# L14610 L14612 L14615 L14460
  • Quaker State# QS14612 QS182
  • Valvoline# VO106 V0113


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